Improv/Acting Class



特別邀請到在Fresh off the Boat 菜鳥新移民裡,

飾演Evan的亞裔童星Ian Chen的老師Mr. Mark來傳授表演小祕密!

雖說是一堂"表演課程", 但卻不光是針對想上鏡頭,愛秀,想當小明星的寶貝.



  • - 專注力
  • - 表達能力
  • - 臨場反應
  • - 建立自信心
  • - 豐富孩子的想像力


About the class:

Students learn the basics of improv through many exercises and structured games to strengthen concentration, cooperation, observation, imagination, and the ability to think on their feet. In addition, students learn many moving parts that are important for a young actor/actress, such as slate, personality interviews and camera techniques to help them feel comfortable and be themselves in front of the camera and a group setting. The class uses a constant rotation of different exercises to ensure gradual progression.

Exercises to be covered in 8 weeks:


♦Improv games

Structured improv

Improv scenes

Cold reading using commercial sides/scripts

Slate (each student states their name and age in front of camera)

Personality interview

Camera techniques

Set Etiquette

Breathing exercise/Meditation

        DATE: Every Sat from 9/14-10/2         

  AGE: 5 & up

                    TIME: 10:15-11:15                 

  TUITION: $320


         (9/11前報名減免報名費 $30 Waived before 9/11)           

    LOCATION: 30 N. 1st Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006