♪ Group Keyboard Class  團體鍵盤班          

   3-8 years old  

   Sunrise (3 yrs old)

   Sunshine I/ II/ III (4 yrs old)

   Keyboard I/ II/ III/ IV (5 yrs & up)

   Moonbeams (6 yrs & up)


Based on world-renowned Music for Young Children curriculum! All MYC® levels incorporate singing, listening and ear training, movement, keyboard, rhythm ensembles and dictation, and composition into their curriculum.  Within all of these elements, and all concepts taught using all four learning styles (visual, analytical, tactile and auditory) are engaged and used to ensure that each child is able to received, and understand, to their best ability, everything that is being taught. MYC curriculum introduce young children many unique tools that are essential to music learning. Such as:

  • off-the-staff reading for contour and patterns. (pattern reading)
  • Listening to a rhythm pattern and writing it using rhythm writing tools. (rhythm dictation)
  • Learning piano and rhythm through MYC’s unique keyboard and rhythm ‘critters’.

Our students not only learn how to play the piano and read music, but are also taught the other important elements (i.e.  Sight-reading, composition and ensemble playing) that help create a solid, educated and well-balanced musician.


Parents & Me Music Class  親子音樂律動

   0-2.5 years old         

You and your little one will play and explore instruments together. You will sing and move to the music, and hear and act out simple stories and rhymes together. The activities are designed to delight and engage your child, at the same time building his or her self-confidence, self-control, and communication skills. The teacher will help you understand what and how your toddler is learning and developing with each activity, and will share tips for weaving music into your daily routines at home.

Monday       11-11:45am      

Saturday     11:30-12:15pm

Wednesday 4:15-5:00pm (mixed ages 混齡班)

Parents & Me Music Class  親子音樂律動

   2.5-5 years old         


Children will experience age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts. Thoughtfully sequenced lessons include all kinds of learning opportunities and are designed to boost each child’s independence, social-emotional skills, early language and literacy, and self-control. During each class, the child will sing, listen, experiment, play, and dance. In addition to learning a basic understanding of pitch and rhythm, the Parents & Me class is especially intended to strengthen the bond with your child through musical play.

Wednesday  4:15-5:00pm (mixed ages 混齡班) 
Saturday      10:30-11:15am

♪ Keyboard Preparation Class   鍵盤預備班  

   4-7 years old

The Keyboard Preparatory class is an introductory class for children before they start learning a musical instrument. In the class, children will learn how to read music notation, develop good listening skills, and learn rhythm in an ordered approach.

Group Violin Class  團體小提琴班

The group violin class is focused on building a good foundation for violin playing like proper form/posture, hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and good listening skills. Group lessons also allow students to perform as a group as well as play for each other. Students will strengthen their performance skill and gain valuable experience and ease playing in front of others.  

Group Cello Class  團體大提琴班

The group cello class is focused on building a good foundation for cello playing like proper form/posture, hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and good listening skills. Group lesson also allows the students to perform as a group as well as play for each other. Students will strengthen their performance skill and gain valuable experience and ease playing in front of others.

Ukulele & Drum  雙樂器課程           

An introductory music course intended for children ages 6 and up; no prior musical experience is required. Playing the ukulele involves knowing both what strings to strum and when to strum them. In order to provide a solid introduction to both of these aspects, students will be taught to play on two instruments: Ukulele and Drum. Ukulele instruction will focus on coordination between right and left hand as well as the concept of notes, chords, and basic chord progressions. Drum instruction will emphasize reading and playing with rhythm.

Because of its small size and playful Hawaiian sound, the ukulele is a great instrument for kids and will prepare them to try the guitar and other instruments in the future! 

♪ Musical Theater  唱跳音樂劇 

Is your child a big fan of Hamilton, Wicked, and other hit Broadway shows? This show choir and musical theater based class may be the perfect choice. Each class will incorporate singing, dancing and acting skills in a safe and fun environment, all while building self-esteem, teamwork skills, and, most importantly, having fun!

♪ Pop Piano Class  流行鋼琴課程


With the Pop Piano class, younger students and adults can learn how to play pop music with a professional teacher. The class provides an in depth understanding of the music theory behind popular music, particularly jazz theory. Students will learn the basics of chord progressions, voice leading, and the use of modal scales in pop music. After learning how to read lead sheet with different accompaniment styles, students will be able to apply their new skills to play their favorite pop songs! (We offer this class to adults, too.)

Improv/Acting Class  即興表演

Students learn the basics of improv through many exercises and structured games to strengthen concentration, cooperation, observation, imagination, and the ability to think on their feet. In addition, students learn many moving parts that are important for a young actor/actress, such as slate, personality interviews and camera techniques to help them feel comfortable and be themselves in front of the camera and a group setting. The class uses a constant rotation of different exercises to ensure gradual progression.

 Private Instrument Lesson  量身訂做個別課程

We offer personalized private lessons for piano, jazz piano, drums, guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, French horn, voice, songwriting & many more. Lessons are taught by professional teachers with music degrees and many years of teaching experience. We use systematic books to ensure that each student develop skills in a logical order. Students will not only learn how to play the instrument, but also learn music theory, ear training, sight reading and performance skills. Once the student is ready to take an ABRSM examination (based on teacher's recommendation), the teacher will help student set stepwise goals to prepare for the exam. ABRSM exams, used globally by music teachers, will allow students to put their musical skills to the test and gain highly-credited certificates, useful for future resumes and applications.

For more information about ABRSM (Associated Board for the Royal Schools of Music) exams visit us.abrsm.org

ABRSM Music Theory & Ear Training Class



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