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No more meaningless repetition. With all the right tools and support, learning music is fun & efficient.

Playing a musical instrument is a rich and complex experience that requires hand, eye, ear and body coordination and involves multiple senses, such as vision, hearing, and touch, as well as fine movement. It can be challenging and frustrating at times for kids. As music educators, we teach kids the right tools to help them overcome obstacles. Kids are nurtured in a musical environment that fosters their love of music and their instrument. With our online support system, parents can use many of the features below. 

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My Music Box Parents Testimonials

"I have brought both my kids to Miss Lina's classes. My younger one thoroughly enjoyed the Parent and Me class. Seeing a 2 year-old swaying with music is pure entertainment! My older one has been taking the group keyboard lessons. She has developed a solid foundation all while having fun. Miss Lina is a great teacher who understands kids and speaks their language. Highly recommended!"

-Emerald Huang, parent of 2 music students

"My daughter has been learning here since 1ish years old already(so far she's almost 5 yrs old).  She's been taking kindermusik class, and now in group piano class.  We are very satisfied about this music program in My Music Box.  They really have a passion in developing music interest in younger kids.  The staffs are very passionate about kids' growing.  The environment is very comfortable and roomy.  Highly recommend to parents who are seeking an outstanding music program for kids starting from very young age!"

-Michael Su, parent of a piano student

"My daughter loves going to group keyboard classes. The class system is also very fun and encouraging- she started to practicing every night. Ms. Lina and Ms. Lily has a lot of experiences. Mr. Matthew is also very nice and patient to young kids. Highly recommend for music classes."

-Sophia Liu, parent of a piano student



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