Keyboard Class for kids 4 years old




                   Sunshine I is the starting point of learning on a keyboard, designed for 3-4 year old beginners. The class builds their foundation in music reading and playing the piano. Students experience movement through beats and rhythms, as well as developing their fine motor skills with rhythm instrument ensemble playing. 


                   SUNSHINE I  是一堂 “專門” 為4歲孩子設計的課程.

                   課堂上以孩子適齡的活動, 配合孩子認知能力,小肌肉的發展速度來進行教學. 

                   鍵盤音樂 - 鍵盤,只是其中的小小部分, 所有基本音樂認知才是教學重點. 

                   透過活動/曲子/故事/互動,讓複雜的音樂元素, 快快樂樂卻扎實地讓孩子吸收.

                   扎實的音樂基礎, 讓孩子將來在學習其他樂器也會更容易上手! 



                   The SUNSHINE I class will cover all of the following: 

                   Keyboard 鍵盤認識
           Singing 歌唱

                   Rhythm Practice 節奏訓練

                   Ear Training 聽力訓練

                   Movement 身體律動

                   Games 小遊戲

                   Finger Practice 手指訓練

                   Performance 樂器打擊




SESSION: 36 weeks (50 mins per class)

                 with 1 accompanying parent     須有一位家長陪同

Starting Date & Time: 09/05/2020 SAT 10:30AM

TUITION: $1400 (Tuition paid in full before 8/10 to receive discount)

MATERIAL FEE: $250 (3 books, 1 Activity book, 1 Instrument, Magnetic Staff Board and a set of magnets. 3本課本, 1本作業本, 1份小樂器與1組磁鐵板)

ANNUAL REGISTRATION  FEE: $50 ( waived for continuing student)


  • Tuition Paid in Full 一次繳清  (Tuition paid in full before 8/10 to receive $100 discount, 8/10前一次繳清減免學費$100)
  • 3 Quarterly Installments 三期付款                                      
    • Sep 1: Tuition $700+ Material     
    • Nov 1: $350     
    • Jan 1: $350

DEPOSIT: $250 Deposit ( Non-refundable ) to reserve the opening within 2 days after sign up.訂金$250請於報名2日內繳交,以確保孩子的名額.

LATE REGISTRATION: $20 dollars Expedited Shipping Charge will be added to the tuition. 8/10後報名者需加收$20郵寄費用.

CLASS SIZE: Up to 8 students per class

WHAT YOU NEED AT HOME: A piano or a touch-sensitive keyboard.家中需要一台鋼琴或電子琴.


       Pre-Registration is required. Parents will be notified of the class status before start date. 

    課程需事先報名. 班級未達最低人數會通知並全數退費,請家長放心. 







         積沙成塔,積水成河! 讓我們幫孩子建立正確的上課態度與良好的練琴習慣. 


         CLASS STARTS ON TIME 上課請準時

             PRACTICE IS ESSENTIAL! 必須練琴,一星期五天,每天5-15分鐘


                   Studio 假期: 

         Thanksgiving Week 感恩節周, Christmas 聖誕節 Last Two Weeks of December, Spring Break 春假





30 N. 1st Ave,

Arcadia, CA 91006