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[Sunrise 課程分為 3 Levels, 每個 Level 12 堂課]

The natural energy and music that children have within them at an early age is amazing. They are almost constantly singing, moving to a rhythm or beat and always ready to move!

The Sunrise pre-keyboard music class for 3 year olds is a creative and innovative music program that encourages the natural musical energy of young children with introductory music lessons. The main idea and focus of this class is to have the children feel and enjoy music before introducing music concepts and symbols. Children will develop their listening awareness, fine motor skills, confidence and attention span, all while interacting with new friends in class.

The SUNRISE Class will cover all of the following:

Keyboard 鍵盤認識

Singing 歌唱

Rhythm Practice 節奏訓練

Ear Training 聽力訓練

Movement 身體律動

Games 小遊戲

Finger Practice 手指訓練

Performance 樂器打擊

Once a child has completed the Sunrise class, they are ready to move seamlessly into Sunshine I, the next level class. (See the Sign-Up tab for information on all classes.)   

已額滿, 候補名單開放!

Class is full, Wait-list is now open!

                                               DATE & TIME: 24 weeks (45 mins per class)

Every Saturday starting from 12/7

11:30-12:15 PM

AGE: 3 years with 1 accompanying parent


MATERIAL: $120 (Book+CD+Rhythm Sticks+Finger Puppet)


  ($30 waived before 11/9, 11/9 前報名減免報名費)

Late Registration: after 11/9, $20 shipping charge will be added to the tuition.

Pre-Registration is required. Parents will be notified of the class status before the start date.




30 N. 1st Ave,

Arcadia, CA 91006