For Continuous Student ONLY. For transfer student, please contact the studio to schedule an audition. (預插班請與Miss Lina 聯絡)

2020-2021 Keyboard V 課程內容:

課程將團體課/個別課程搭配並有2堂大師課, 提供更全面的學習.

  • Study music from different musical periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic & Contemporary
  • Study minimum of ten keys with continued study of scales, arpeggios & broken chords
  • Study of three forms of the minor scale: natural, harmonic, and melodic
  • Continue to study inversions of triads
  • Study of cadences (A cadence is a progression of chords.)
  • Study of 6/8 time signature
  • Study of piano techniques
  • Music analysis
  • Ear Training: meter recognition, identifying changes in a musical phrase & features of a musical piece, listening for dynamics, articulation, form, and echo singing.
  • Practice Sight Reading
  • Music Theory

SESSION:  36 weeks (12 weeks of 90 mins group lesson & 22 weeks of 45 mins private lesson & 2 weeks of 60 mins master class with guest artist

STARTING DATE & TIME:  09/02/2020 wednesday @ 6PM

TUITION: $2600 (Tuition paid in full before 8/10 to receive discount)

MATERIAL FEE: Class will be notified when purchasing new material

ANNUAL REGISTRATION  FEE: $50 (waived   for continuing student)

LATE REGISTRATION: $20 after 8/10


  • Tuition Paid in Full 一次繳清  (Tuition paid in full before 8/10 in order to receive $200 discount 一次繳清減免學費$200)
  • 3 Quarterly Installments 三期付款       
    • Sep 1: Tuition $1300
    • Nov 1: $650
    • Jan 1: $650

DEPOSIT: $250 Deposit ( Non-refundable ) to reserve the opening within 2 days after sign up. 訂金$250請於報名2日內繳交,以確保孩子的名額.


Pre-Registration is required. Parents will be notified of the class status before start date. 



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