For Continuous Students ONLY. For transfer students, please contact the studio to schedule an audition. (預插班請與Miss Lina 聯絡)

  • 已上完Keyboard I 填表請選擇Keyboard II
  • 已上完Keyboard II 填表請選擇Keyboard III 

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SESSION: 36 weeks (50 mins per class)

Starting Date & Time:  

Keyboard II: 09/05/2019 THUR 5:30PM

Keyboard III: 09/06/2019 FRI 5:45PM

TUITION: $1400 (Tuition paid in full receive discount)

MATERIAL FEE:  Class will be notified when purchasing new material

REGISTRATION FEE: $30 ($30 waived before 7/31, 7/31前報名減免報名費)


  • Tuition Paid in Full 一次繳清  (Tuition paid in full in order to receive $100 discount 一次繳清減免學費$100)
  • 3 Quarterly Installments 三期付款    
    • Sep 1: Tuition $670+ Material
    • Nov 1: $365
    • Jan 1: $365

DEPOSIT: $200 Deposit ( Non-refundable ) to reserve the opening within 2 days after sign up.訂金$200請於報名2日內繳交,以確保孩子的名額.


Pre-Registration is required. Parents will be notified of the class status before start date. 



2019-2020 Keyboard II 課程內容:  

  1. Expands Grand staff reading (treble and bass clef)
  2. Listening to a rhythm pattern and writing it using rhythm writing tools
  3. Coordination of left hand and right hand.
  4. Scale playing with harmonizing bridge chords in C major, a minor and G major
  5. Two note bridge chords grow to three note full chords.

2019-2020 Keyboard III 課程內容:


  1. Study of seven different keys with key signatures.
  2. Coordination of left hand and right hand in playing broken chords with a melody.
  3. Coordination in hand-over-hand (crossing over) pieces.
  4. Grand staff reading expands to include notes from low G in bass clef to high G in treble clef.
  5. Continued listening to identify and use dynamics (loud and quiet sounds), rhythm patterns, and accompaniment styles.



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